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I am Gino Carpentieri, Founder and Executive Director of TopGun United and I want to personally, congratulate you on your decision to join TGU. 

 Let me tell you, dear entrepreneur friend, That you are a true hero!

How much courage is needed to undertake in these difficult times. 

How much effort is required to keep your activity open. 

How hard it is to be the first to arrive and the last to return home. 

How tremendously difficult it is to move on, to pursue your dreams, when also whoever loves you, for wanting to protect you and in some cases not to see you suffer so much, asks you to leave and look for a job with a fixed salary. 

If you feel identified, it means that we have the same entrepreneurial DNA, for this reason we have worked very hard  to develop a tool that could offer what each entrepreneur is looking for: 

Increase your turnover and generate more revenue! 

Let me tell you that to achieve these goals, you don’t need:

New customers – New partners or collaborators – Supplier  of products and services – A new business to undertake – Qualified references.

What you really need is:

Meet People and Establish Relationships

This is TGU, a comprehensive online Networking platform, made up of entrepreneurs and professionals who share the need to get to know each other, establish relationships, work collaboratively, contribute and receive references, so that everyone can benefit from Healthy and Productive Networking.

In TGU you will find PEOPLE who are not looking for the easy and the fast, who wants to take advantage of their time and above all share a Universal Law: 


The more people you connect and help, the greater the personal goals you’ll achieve. The most important suggestion I can make to you is that this is an Action platform, so be involved and above all: 


You’re already a hero, starting today you’ll be a TopGun!

I hope to receive your request for friendship, receive your suggestions, know the achievements achieved and above all I wish you, from the depths of my heart, to achieve your dreams in all areas of your life. 

Thank you, thank you, thank you. 



 You’re probably wondering: What’s to be done now?  

 The first thing is to know how TGU works and its tools.  

 Our platform consists of two areas: 

  1.  Public Website  
  2.  Private INTRANET 

On our website you will have access to all the Information regarding TGU:Who we are   – Contact Form  Privacy Policy  FAQ.  

You will also have access to the following tools:  

Lead Generation – Calendar & Event – Resource – Access to Your Intranet.

Let’s see how they work. 


Lead Generation

What do large companies do to get more customers? Advertising. 

 Where? On the Internet.  

 Start thinking big and let our team of professionals develop and launch advertising campaigns, to get qualified leads interested in your services and products. These campaigns will be segmented and divided into Macro Categories to generate customers for a particular sector. 

 We’ll run on your INTRANET bulletin board, relative campaigns, and their release dates.  

 If you are interested in any of them, you will receive the Info with the details of the same, the registration form, you will decide the amount you want to invest and we will indicate the method of payment. 

 At the end of the campaign, the leads or contacts generated will be distributed according to the percentage of contacts that each member touches, based on the amount invested.  

 You’ll have your leads qualified, all you have to do is contact them and generate business. 


Calendar and Events

We will post your meeting in our Events section of the website and this is why it will be you need to send us this information: 

 Event Photo – Description – Host Name – Venue 

 We want to give as much highlight as possible to your event, so we’ll post it in the 

 Events calendar of: 

  • Website: so that people who enter our website can access your event information.  
  • INTRANET: So that TGU members can view the Info and decide whether to participate or not.  
  • Social networks: So you can share between your groups, contacts and reach the audience of the members of the TGU page. 

We’ll post your meeting in our Events section, on the website calendar, on the intranet’s public calendar, and as an event on our Facebook page, so you can share it. 



In this section you will find the best training and personal growth programs selected by TGU and those shared by our members. 

 Feel free to suggest programs, books, videos, manuals and all the tools you think may be useful to the personal development of our members. 

 Actively participate in the construction of a strong and growth-focused community, remember: 

To receive, you have to give! 



Each week you will have the possibility to invite your contacts to a TGU presentation, so that they know our platform and can decide whether to be part of it. 

 You will also have the possibility to participate in our training sessions on: 

  • How the Platform Works  
  • How to create your own Circle of Entrepreneurs  
  • How to organize and run a 1 to 1 meeting  
  • How Advertising Campaigns Work 
  • How the Affiliate Program Works 



Your Intranet is the pulsating heart of TGU, where you will have at your disposal very important tools to develop your Networking activity. 

 Let’s see how it works. 

  • Public Navigation Menu 
  • Personal Navigation Menu 
  • Affiliate Program 
  • DesktopProfessional Profile 
  • Community activity 
  • Member Directory and Map 
  • Contact Proactively 
  • Circle of entrepreneurs 
  • Groups and Discussion Forum 
  • Calendar and Events 
  • Project Manager 
  • Blog & Wiki 
  • Support Center 


Public navigation menu 

Use the vertical blue menu to discover everything that moves within the TGU community. 

  • Users: Member Account – Onboarding – Technical Guide – Meeting Request – Affiliate Program
  • Home: Desktop
  • Community: Activity – Members – Groups – Forum
  • Private circles
  • Events: Calendar
  • Projects: Private – Public
  • Blog
  • Wiki
  • Support


Personal navigation menu

Enter your menu to review all notifications and fully customize your experience at TGU.

  • Activity: Mentions – Favorites – Friends – Groups 
  • Profile: View – Edit – Change Profile Picture 
  • Notifications: Read – Unread 
  • Messages: Received – Sent – Preferred – Redact 
  • Calendar: Create Events 
  • Friends: Friendships – Requests 
  • Groups: Your membership – Invitations – Create group 
  • Forum: Discussions Initiated – Responses – Participations – Favorites – Subscriptions 
  • Gallery: Create Gallery – Photo – Video – Audio – Documents
  • Settings: General – Email – Profile Visibility 


Account Member

This is your personal area where you can find the information regarding your account, billing history and manage your subscription plan.



In this section, you will find the User Guide and other documents of interest.


Technical Guides

In this section, you can find TGU video tutorials


Virtual Space

As a TGU member, you will have the possibility to book a Meeting Room for: 

  • Present your business  
  • Promote topics of interest, for example: How to speak in public  How to close objections  How to make the most of the potential of social networks  How to prospect correctly  How to edit a video etc.  

To book the room, you must enter the online meeting request tab. The calendar will open with the available dates and times, select the one you prefer and submit your request. You will receive a first email with the confirmation and then a second email the id number of the meeting in zoom to be able to share with your contacts. 

Your meeting will last 55 minutes, TGU will open the meeting, appoint you co-Amphitryon so you can take control of it and TGU will close it after 55 minutes. 

This meeting will also be visible on our website and will be broadcast live on Facebook Live on the TGU page. 


Affiliate Program 

We believe that if something is good for us, so is it for the people around us. 

TGU’s goal is to form the largest possible community of Entrepreneurs who share our same values and we believe it is fair to thank and reward you to help us achieve this. 

Make your login and in the users tab, click on your “Affiliate Panel”. 

Here you will find a code to copy and paste the TGU banner on your own website and your “affiliate link” to share with your contacts. 

You’ll also be able to see the people you’ve invited, the people who signed up, the fees charged, and the pending ones. 

Our referral program is very easy, you introduce us to a friend who becomes a member and you will win: 


Annual payment: $20 commission 


Annual payment: $35 commission. 

To receive payment of commissions it is essential to be active. 



This is the home page of your INTRANET, here you can see: 

  • Latest member posts 
  • Your Projects and their progress in realization 
  • Your To-Do  
  • Record execution times for your projects 
  • Bulletin board, so you don’t miss TGU communications, regarding updates, news, advertising campaigns and more useful news 


Professional Profile

This is the most important section, as you’re going to present: who you are, what you’re doing, what you’re looking for, and what you can contribute. 

Complete all fields to provide a complete description: 

  • Profile picture 
  • Cover photo 
  • Country and city to appear in the search by locality. 
  • Date of birth 
  • Phone number: staff and work 
  • Commercial Activity 
  • Available Yes/No on New Business Opportunities 
  • Sector of interest 
  • Your Biography 
  • Additional information 
  • Your website 
  • Links to your Social Networks 


All these fields can be configured as: Public or Private. 

You decide who can view your Info and the Info you want to show to the community. 



This section is very similar to the “walls” of social networks that we normally use. 

You will be able to view the activity of: All members – Your friends – Your groups – Your favorites – Menciones@ 

You’ll be able to filter all members’ activities, search for updates for a particular person, and do a specific search by: 

  • New Users 
  • Updates 
  • Profile updates 
  • Friends 
  • New groups 
  • Group members 
  • Group updates 
  • Debates 
  • Answers 
  • Posts 
  • Guest reviews 


Member Directory and Map 

Here’s what you’ll find in this section! 

  • New Customers 
  • New Service and Product Providers 
  • New Partners and Distributors 
  • New Business Opportunities 
  • New Qualified References 

Access our Members directory, view them on the Map and search for: 

  • Name 
  • Your friends 
  • All members 
  • Country and City 
  • Activity 
  • Interested in new opportunities 
  • Sector of interest 
  • Advanced Search 


Private Circle

Make a list of Professionals and Entrepreneurs you know, which you would recommend in closed eyes, and invite them to join TGU. 

They will be part of Your Circle of Entrepreneurs and will be business sources, opportunities and qualified references for everyone in your Circle. 

View other members’ Circles and request your subscription. 

For example: 

If you are a professional in the Reforms sector, look for Architects or Rigging, connect with them, organize a 1to1 meeting so that they can get to know each other and start collaborating or share qualified references. 

If you are a professional in the Reform sector, look for Architects or Rigging, connect with them, If you are an entrepreneur and you like Network Marketing, search for Networkers or Independent Distributors, select your sector of interest, connect, organize a 1to1 meeting and if you like the professional, the company and the product… 

Congratulations you can start your new activity now! 

You can also apply for professionals for your circle of entrepreneurs by posting on the Timeline or member activity. You’ll have a meeting, and if this person inspires confidence, you’ll add it to your circle. 

Don’t worry if 2 or more Tax Advisors will be present in your circle for example, they will be the ones who must present themselves as best as possible to the people you are referring to. 

Add Entrepreneurs and Professionals to Your Private Circle and become a source of Qualified References. 

You know what’s going to happen? They’ll do the same for you! 

Who do you know? Download in this link the .pdf that will make your work easier. 

Lawyers – Martial Arts Academies – Teaching Academies – Dance Academies – Language Academy – Nautical Academy – Recreational Activity – Cargo Agency – Press Agency – Advertising Agencies – Transportation Agency – Travel Agency – Air Conditioning and Ventilation – Isolation – Alarms – Masons – Organic Food – Money Shipping Agency – Marketing Agency – Real Estate Agency – Stewardess Agencies – Show Agency – Transportation Agency – Food Distribution – Bicycle Rental – Car Rental – Machinery Rental – Motorcycle Rental – Antennas – Antiques – Architects – Crafts – Elevators – Tax Advice – Labor Advice – Financial Advice – Schools – Bars – Brokers – Heating – Golf Courses – Aluminum Carpentry – Rural Houses – Aesthetic Center – Medical Center – Locksmiths – Surgeons – Private Classes – Dental Clinic – Cooks – Community Manager – Car Dealership – Motorcycle Dealership – Consultants – Cosmetics – Cryptocurrencies – Decoration – Nutritionist Dietitian – Independent Distributor – Doctor Electronics – Electronics – Boats – Alternative Energy – Sports Coach – Excursions – Extinguishers – Pharmacies – Hardware Stores – Floristry – Plumbers – Photographers – Photography – Forex – Trading – Garden Center – Gyms – Cranes – Nursery – Tourist Guide – Ice Cream Shops – Hotel – Printers and Typography – Computer Science – Engineers – Installers – Interpreters – Investors – Private Investigator – Gardeners – Jewelry – Toys – Medical Laboratory – Laundry Facilities – Self-Service Laundry – Bookshops – Cleaners – Locutorios Lithographs – Maintenance – Crafts – Vending Machines – Office Machines – Machinery for Hospitality – Digital Marketing – Marketing and Advertising – Masseurs – Specialist Physician – Mental Coach – Messaging – Mercers – Furniture – Notaries – Networkers – Nutrition – Dentistry – Works and Reforms – Optics – Event Organization – Osteopathy – Stationery – Pastry shops and confectioneries – Hairdressers – Representatives – Restaurants – Health – Fitness – Wellness – Insurance – Digital Services – Financial Services – Sex Shop – Safety Systems – Supermarkets – Car Workshop – Tattoos and Piercing – Shop Animals – Bag Shop – Shoe Shop – Accessories Store – Gold Sale Shop – Sports Shop – Clothing Store – Phone Shop – Translators – Water Treatment – Second Hand Car Sale – Veterinarians. 


Groups and Forum 

The Circle of Entrepreneurs will be your most important group in TGU, you can also create more groups that can capture the interest of members. 

Select: Group 

Create Group: Name – Description 

Settings: Public – Private – Hidden 

Forum: YES/NO 

Picture: Profile – Cover 

Invitations: Invite other members 

Calendar: Create events related to your group 

Forum: Discussions Initiated – Responses Created – Participations – Favorites – Subscriptions 


Calendar and Events

In this section you will be able to view the calendar of all events scheduled by TGU members and configured as public. 

Create Your public event and indicate: 

Date – If Recurring – Description – Location – URL in case of online meeting – Cover image 

To promote: 

  • Who are you 
  • Your business 
  • The launch of a new product and service 
  • Topics of interest to the community 


Project Manager 

Each idea, large or small, requires proper planning for its development and continuous monitoring. 

In this section you will be able to: 

  • Create your Project 
  • Attach files 
  • Set and review the time of completion 
  • Add members 
  • Set Tasks – Goals – Goals 
  • Synchronize the calendar 
  • Enable who can edit the project 
  • View and write comments 
  • Follow its realization by time or by tasks performed 

Blog & Wiki


Feel free to edit your post on the TGU Blog, as well as comment and share it. 


This is our library of useful content for all members. 



For any incident on the platform or simply to communicate an error in it, you have at your disposal our customer service. 

Go to the Support tab and open a NEW TICKET: 

Tell us Your Name – Email – Subject – Description – Select the category. 

You will receive an email telling you the tracking number of your ticket and you can also view and comment on it in the ticket section of your profile. 

We will try to close your ticket as soon as possible. 



Dear friend, 

DO NOT waste your time on “other pages“, TGU has been made to give you real and measurable help, we want you to share our Why, share the How we do it and invest your time in what is really important to you… 


I wish you the greatest success that you are able to Dream, Visualize and Achieve. 

Let’s go! 

Thank you, thank you, thank you.